Sunday, March 20, 2011

iPad 2

I'm fully aware that my current Toshiba notebook is perfectly fine but I just can't take my eyes off 'her'. My desire for an iPad 2 at the moment is comparable to a women wanting for the latest Louis Vuitton clutch or like a teen girl yearning for Justin Bieber .*tee-hee*

iPad 2

In addition to all the new features, the tablet only weighs around 600 grams.Visualize ourselves no longer have to carry a bulky notebook along with a charger every time we walk out from our room or better still we can use it to escape from lifeless conversations and vapid lectures. Furthermore, the iPad 2 can be used to do assignments and presentations via its multi-touch screen. *saliva drooling*. Y'all, take a break from an actual keyboard !

Sadly, the launching date for iPad 2 in Malaysia hasn't been confirmed yet *mourn*. Also with my current financial status perhaps I would have to whore myself to obtain one during my student exchange program at Beijing this May. Any takers? Lol.

Speechless :O~


Gine said...

whore yourself? hahahahaaha

Talking about presentation and assignment, can it be compatible with non-Apple users' part?

BTW, you're flying to Beijing this May?? From when to when? Maybe you can get yourself a China version (note that I didn't say China made, for a reason) of iPad2 :p

Jeremy said...

About compatibility, I heard using iWork, documents created using iPad can be used also in Window system.

Yup ! Am going to Beijing for a month. Will blog about it later !