Saturday, March 19, 2011

Law Night 2011

Petaling Jaya: UKM's Faculty of Law managed to held their annual dinner event - Law Night 2011 at Hotel Singgahsana. Contrary to the theme of "Malam Anugerah Chenta", the evening was neither filled with love and affection but rather vanity of dinner-goers taking pictures at every-single-corner-in-the-hotel. *blushing*

"I'm so hungry that I'm going to faint" said the desperate Ms. Hong Pin Yin. Even though the food was horrendous but due to the brilliant planning of serving dinner at 9pm, the food became unobjectionable as everyone managed to chew and swallow whatever edible material served on the table.(Pictures of food are unavailable as it might cast temporary blindness upon whoever sees it)

Sky juice and tea were the best options for drinks compare to the Singgahsana Mixed Fruit Sirap (the SMFS). The SMFS was so punchy that tongues could no longer detect taste. I implore the Health Ministry to do something about the SMFS. *a permanent ban will do*

Anyway, applauses and cheers for all the performances especially to the John Chan's magic show. Kidding. He and the gang (Aliff, Bulat, Sapawi and Afiq Nazrin) pulled off a spectacular live band performance ! With songs like "Baa Baa Black Sheep" and "Twinkle Twinkle Little Stars", tears rolled down from everyone's cheek. Kidding once again. I meant songs like "I Wanna Hold Your Hands" by the Beatles and etc.

According to unknown sources (Denise, Choon Ming and Fui Yen), the band spent a lot of time practicing before the dinner and we can definitely say their efforts did not go in vain as everyone gave them a standing ovation. Rock stars in the making y'all !

Evaluating the evening holistically, it can be said successful. The hotel was not as creepy and crappy as most of us thought it would be. Since I left early so I can't really tell what had happened after that but I'm guessing the event ended at midnight with smiles and laughters. :D


Mei Mei said...

your blog is awesome ok ;D

Jeremy said...

thanks dear ! good to know that you like it !

nn said...

fruit punch tu sangatlah tak sedap. blergh.

oh. and i pun ingatkan hotel tu macam tak best tapi oklah dewan dia and bestlah juga buat kat situ sebab cantik dewannya.

overall, i had fun! :D


Gine said...

haha, I like the tone you used for this post. It's so YOU! :p

Jeremy said...

Haha what do u mean !! I feel bad all of a sudden. Lol