Sunday, March 6, 2011

Because I can so I must.

Everyone is born different. True. Some might have the leader look and some don't. For some reason, I'm being labelled with the former. I don't know why, maybe because I'm smarter than the bunch ? or perhaps I can undertake obligations which some people "cannot do". I just don't know.

However, it sets me ablaze to see nonchalant louts telling me I should do this I must do that simply because the fact that I could. Though we might be different (the fact that I'm smarter and you're dumber) it doesn't grant you the right to rub your duties on my face. I'm not your slave. I don't take things granted like you do. I might be capable of doing it doesn't mean you can sit back and enjoy the show. You bunch of whiners.

It's amusing to see friends who wish to succeed in the future and yet unwilling to put in the effort to climb the ladder of success.You can say whatever you wish to say but mere saying alone is no more than a scentless fart, you can hear it but never experience it.

I wasn't born with ability to speak when I came out from my mother's stomach (Caesarean section). I learned to speak. I can do whatever you're incapable of doing is for the reason that I've learned from doing it previously. Not due to my 'Einstein' brain nor magical blessings from dear Fairy Godmother. The fact that you'd been acknowledge by the government to be worthy enough to study law in Malaysia shows that you are at least the better ones in the cohort

You entered law school to be a professional. Not "Mat Lepaks nor Ms. Waiting-to-be-the-next-Datin". Hence, have self-respect,stop walking with your tail between your legs and do something about yourself.


pinyin said...

haha..i smell sarcasm..a good piece of writing :P

Jeremy said...

haha.. im not sarcastic ! im actually being honest