Saturday, April 17, 2010

Weird, Failure and Last but Not Least, a Loner


I am not that weird actually (no comments on this from the debaters). Sorry to say this, but I honestly and 100% surely: don’t like to mingle with people that I am not comfortable with.

I was born in the month of December, day 24th (FACT : Jeremy's Birthday !): a Capricorn. I think it must be in my nature that i'm a bit reserved. Authority:

"Capricorn kids like a quiet space that is all their own with a place for everything and everything in its place" - Random post from the web

Even if, it is not due to my nature, I find it impossible for anyone to be friends with someone they don't like. Then, am I selective? NOPE! - It is just that, I befriend with people that are genuinely interested in becoming a friend. No weirdo’s, lame asses and fakers too.

I admit that sometimes I do judge people on the first instance BUT my perception does change ! Haha, there are a lot of my friends came from this category. Right PINYIN? Ha-ha-ha – KIDDING!!

For me, a good friend can always be seen from their smile or laughter. A good friend always gives us a hearty smile or a warm-loud-laugh-that-comes-from-their- stomach. While an acquaintance with a fake smile or laughter ( Plus a sinister look from their eyes surely makes anyone chills, I really can't stand it. They are not friends but fakers. I don't mind fakers actually since I would just counter them with another fake laugh to make things equal. :D

I don't mind staying alone, eating alone or walking alone even if I don't have any human beings to accompany me. I feel better off by being alone then talking with someone that I don't like. Yeah, I maybe the invisible man but at least I can use my superpower for good. :)


pinyin said...

me again?? next time do not comment on my laugh some more...cause i dun have fake laugh...its all from the stomach.hahaaha....

Jeremy said...

lolll ok but i need to clarify that laugh was not a fake laugh