Friday, April 16, 2010

Things that I want right now !

I would really appreciate a new movie !

Am really forward to watch :

and also ; Another Pandora Box (Hate the fact that I missed this)

I would also like to own : an Ipad ! damn it... it's just too alluring for me

and or perhaps : a netbook !

I would enjoy a good book like :

I although there are few books on my table that waiting for me to read them but I read some reviews about To Kill a Mockingbird. Looking forward to it since 16th April - 16th May, Popular will going to start their Book Month (something like that). 50% discount for the 2nd book. :) *cher linnnn ! hehe*


Gine said...

OMG, WHAT? 50% off for second book? For member only is it? OMG OMG *heart pumping fast*

I adore To Kill A Mocking Bird! Oh, they have court case in it also :) Haven't finished your book! Oh nO!

Jeremy said...

haha nope for every popular titles .. i saw it from the news paper :)