Monday, April 5, 2010

My entertainment update

Hehe.. thanks Pin Yin for reminding me to update my blog !
My poor blog, been left out for so long.
Anyhow, last week I went for a movie and dinner with Bangi Debaters at Alamanda. We watched How to Train your Dragon ! It was awesome :) Night fury.. hmm.. great ! ( I said it was childish at first but now I'm eating my words) lols

Secondly, I also watched Bride Wars ! It was so-so. I like Anna Hathaway, but the storyline was erm.. very patchy, random erm.. unorganized. No wonder, the movie gets a very bad review from the critics.

Today, I managed to get a copy of theSUN newspaper. I saw the latest list on the billboard chart. Rihanna -Rude boy ranked 1st. It was awesome ! Addicted right away. Go dl it guys/girls. :)


By the way, I got great carry marks for my Contracts this semester ! Hopefully, I could score an A this semester on that paper. *finger crossed*

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