Wednesday, April 14, 2010

-Random- 14/4/2010

Today, I finally received the green letter from PPP for the Vice Chancellor English Debate Cup for 2010/2011. I felt very disappointed. Dr. Kaderi didn't give us a single cent. He asked me to look for own sponsorship. :<>

Just finished my Islamic Legal System paper this morning. Felt relieved but on Friday, Constitutional Law is waiting for me. Sigh ! When will this torture end ? I only revise Public Services, Right to Religion, Fundamental Liberties (Article 5) and Equality by Law. Just under 4 chapter, I already want to faint. zzz so many cases to memorize. The torment increased when I read the past year questions. Dr Norliah is one tough lecturer.

I wish I can go out and watch a nice movie (need to escape from reality once in awhile). I wanna get a netbook seriously ! zzz I just fell in love with the size and weight of a netbook ! I can't stand carrying my 14'inch laptop going uphill back to my college every time I go to the library. Hmmm.. FAMA support ? hehe

Am still thinking whether I should join the next ALSA Conference in Korea. PY still have not make up her mind yet. Sigh. I wanna go but no friends, it surely will not be fun. The due date for confirmation is on 19th of April . 5 days to go :(

Thats all from me in this post. Have a pleasant day everyone :)


chiayoong said...

yo me n py oso wana go korea la...oni money issues havent settle....u no financial issue?

Jeremy said...

erm not really :)