Saturday, April 10, 2010

Legal Theater - Exam !

Our Legal Theater - Colors of Justice

On Thursday, my batch managed to organise a musical theater ! It was an assignment for our Malaysian Legal System subject and it was a hit ! The audience loves it and I think the lecturers like it too. [I bet it is nicer than Oizien's theater perfomance last year]

Everything was last minute but we managed to pull it off.It was hilarious and dramatic.I was one of the juries, didn't contribute much but still, we managed to sing out our verdict against the Mimi Yanti. (above: the one in black outfit) :P

Although it was fun, we sacrificed lot of time in revision because it was held in our study week :(

Next week I got 4 papers to die for !

P/S: I did my blood test recently and I got problems with my red blood cell ! AWESOME ~

25th Batch of UKM Law Students

Er... Nonsense

-The Juries-


Gine said...

You sang?! Haha, that's interesting! =) Glad that you've had fun, keep up the attitude! And all the best for your exam!

p/s: what's it with your red blood cell?

Jeremy said...

Haha.. my red blood cell seems to be a little abnormal. kinda small. and my hemoglobin below average and some other stuffs :)