Thursday, April 22, 2010

The (almost) 21 years old Jeremy.

Am no longer the 17 years old Jeremy.
Am also no longer the 18 years old Jeremy.
Maybe most of them didn't realize the changes in 19 and 20 years old Jeremy.
So, now they still treat him like 17 and 18 years old Jeremy.

17 & 18 years old Jeremy can endure and be patient with others behavior.
19 & 20 years old Jeremy maybe still can hold his patiences.
But not 21 years old Jeremy. I think his tolerances had a limit already.
21 years old Jeremy thinks people that does not appreciate him should walk away from him.

He thinks he did his best to be humble even though now he is 21 years old.
He felt others always think about themselves tend to forget the fact that Jeremy got his own feelings too.
So, if others still want to act irrationally then he might have to ignore them.
If you still think he is the old Jeremy then sorry.You knew the wrong Jeremy.
The 21 years old Jeremy needs to move forward.