Saturday, October 17, 2009

Study week

1. Assignments
- Managed to finish and warp up every single assignments ! YES ! No more documentation, meetings,etc ... ! Felt very free. CAD is f.o.s, :), hahah ~ I'm very glad that i managed to complete every single assignments that i had even though there were tons of it. (7 assignments!)

2.Study week
- Gosh, 1 week to study 3 major subject, wanna cry dy. I'm kinda worried about my contract law since almost all cases that i had learned seems went down to the drain at KIY. Nevertheless, MLS is quite easy since this semester only covers 6 chapters but the lecturer asked us to be prepare for next sems - MLS musical and Poster making assignment.( sigh x100).

3.Final Exam and CGPA
- I wished to get 3.00 and above, dean list is not in my list anymore. Hahah cuz i knew im too lazy to get that. i don't want my score around 2.9+, I will cry =(. I'm looking forward for more debate training too =).


Crystal said...

din knw you're doing law too. hahaha.
shall visit ur uni one day!
All da best

Jeremy said...

hahah thanks, =) do visit ahaha