Friday, October 30, 2009

Weirdos and Sickos.

Dear Blog,

Today,I really need to get something off my chest. ( Not literally)

Despite last-minute workers and Mr & Mrs Excuses, I really hate people who always like to complain about their life. This people think their life are fucked up, screwed etc. Then think their life are the worst and I somehow don't pity them but also look down on them ( but i cant do that in their face( blogging !! hehe))

IF their life were really that fucked up then they must be from South Africa or Myanmar (which ever the worst).

I classified them into 2 types ( let me know if i missed out any new species) :

Type A: They failed in achieving something, and somehow it's the end of their world. eg. Mr.R

Type B: Living in Envy. Always jealous people who born in a rich family or a well-conditioned family. Yet, they don't want to improve or change their own lifestyle but just constantly complaining,lazying and picking their nose. eg Ms. C

I don't understand, why waste their daily energy to complain instead of using those energy in doing something better. I think some part in their brain is down and I strongly advice them to visit the hospital.

I felt they somehow, are in dire need of attention, sympathy and care from other people. It's about time that they should know when to stand on their own feet ! How old are you now ? *ring ring* Wake up from your sleeping ugly dream now ! They are just like babies with a pessimistic mind. Evil babies to be exact,very very evil.


chiayoong said...

agreed with hundred percent... they get worst during exam season....i hear u man....

Jeremy said...

Thanks bro,

esztergrace said...

wow!! shoot people here huh...