Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I wonder why ?

It seems like my personality is shaping into more Capricornish lately. I'm no longer the person who likes to hang out 24/7 a week. I wonder why ?

Back in high school, hanging out was must for me. It seems back then that I rather clinging with my friends then sitting back in my room. I wonder why ?

Now, the karma begins. I prefer laying on my bed, surfing the net or just read books peacefully by myself. I don't really attach in going out for karaoke, going for shopping etc. There are friends who really like to hang out for at least few times in a week. It seems that going out is a must for them. I wonder why?

For me, having fun via heading out is not compulsory but rather a preference. Sometimes, I like the social interaction but most likely within a limit or depends with whom I'm going out with. I don't mind going out once in awhile with people that are fun to talk with but I won't be going out with people every single night for the sake of going out from the campus only. I see this group of people very similar to myself during my time in high school. I wonder why ?

Hmm, a bit emoish. I'm just wondering whether am I starting to become more like an adult or more like a freak. Kinda worry.


Gine said...

Hey bro, don't worry about yourself changing into a new person. People do change anyway, as long as you know you're changing for the better, not worse. I don't see why it is bad to prefer spending some time with yourself than with some companies at times. Like you've said, it's a preference. And it's not as if you're totally isolating yourself from the social connection anyway. Even if you are, you know it is your choice and nobody can judge you.
Cheers! :D

pinyin said...

u have asked "i wonder why?" question for like 3 times... n i think u should know the answers as u have mentioned that u were like those ppl during ur high sch time... perhaps ur hormone is changing inside u..hahaah...

Jeremy said...

Haha yeah perhaps i should see a doctor !!!! py !! lolss

Thanks cherlinn !

chiayoong said...

maybe ur becoming more like ur gf....lolx.....both dean list ma....hahax