Saturday, October 24, 2009


Yesterday, I went out to Mid Valley, ya... I'm out of my mind ( exam like on Monday,yet I'm still going out), Thanks to Facebook Inspiration Quote for the day. I got a quote written perfectly for me " Have Fun Today". Thus, without further thoughts, it's bye bye UKM. Lolz

Meet up with Oizien, went to Chilis to grab something to eat since both of us didn't know where to eat plus I want the Bottomless Tasada Chips heheh and the bottomless drinks =).
2 idiots asked for 2 giant burgers and ended up wasting a quarter of the burger. We didn't even managed to refill the chips ( Bryan or Vivian isn't around !) . I drank like 5 glasses of Apple Juice due to lack of fruit juice's in UKM and because of my mum's constant nagging about me not consuming enough fruits.

I managed to catch up with Su Ching and Sheena. I haven't seen them for like 3 months. We talked , laughed, and teased like old times.(Hope to see them soon ..) After that, went back to UKM! On the way back, the commuter was packed with humans. I barely can move my finger. As I was hiking up KIY's Hill, saw John and he said the contract marks for assignments were out. I get 36/60, kinda low but I think I still can get a B for this semester. Ya, I don't have high hopes in this semester . Now, struggling with Uncle Visu's book !


Gine said...

Chili's! And ya lar, the burgers are humongous don't you already know ;p And the fruit juices are not fresh fruit juices la, so it doesn't count nor similar to eating fruits lah, uncle!
All the best for exams (I think I've wished you this for 100 times already, haha!) and I'm also looking forward to seeing you soon!

Jeremy said...

Haha ! thanks cher linn =) i dont mind hearing it for another 1000 times. lolz.

Haha still got fruit ma

chiayoong said...

"We talked , laughed, and teased like old times."

Ur teasing skills must have improved rite since u met me...hahax....were your frens impressed??? hahax

Jeremy said...

Haha yeah i must thank you john ! your lesson surely left a big impact on my life

chiayoong said...

hahaha the lessons will continue for 4 years...after that i will giv u an extra degree ok?...hahax.... live long learning...