Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A hectic Week update !

Happy hectic week to all my friends =)

We are having a lot of fun this 2 weeks preparing for our PBL and assignments. I'm so damn lazy laaa this week.Today I'm going to do my presentation for Hubungan Etnik ! One more going down(YES !) and I really hope to go to the debate camp =) I don't want to face anything about law during this weekend. (although on monday i got PBL for MLS ).

Aih, I don't know what should I update on my blog . zzz

On 4th of October is Mr. Tong Man Loong birthday !! wish him all the best even though i can't be with him during that holy day . Sigh but i know u will not pissed off right ? hehe I bet Bryan and You are planning a lot of sarcasm for me to chew in the following days... Hmmm

-My Boss-

Oh ya.. I dropped my phone again, ya i know this is the 2nd time =) Ya bring on the insult...So please don't mind me if i asked for your identity. BUT luckily I adapted a new concept in buying mobile phone lately, which is buying cheap phone under RM 200 . Glad I didn't drop any expensive phone.( Something that I shouldn't be proud off)

Hmm, I think thats all for this week. Wish me luck cuz I really need it.


♥ ALEXiS ♥ said...

The picture you uploaded scare me! OooopSSsss~~~~!!!!! :)

mintshung said...

just found your blog =)

Jeremy said...

ok no problem =)