Tuesday, October 20, 2009

-Nerd or Geek in Making-

Today, I studied with Zhao Lin, Kris and Esther at PTSL. Sigh.. I guess in Contract for this Sem, we at least need to memorize 70 cases. I'm still blur with undue influence,tomorrow or later on I'll try to focus and get it through my brain.

Not to mention, Consti. (3x aih). Hope in the nearest time, I can finish Contract so that I can get into Consti ASAP.

I noticed that I somehow neglected Oi zien. I'm soo sorry !!! You are going to kill me soon( i bet you will). Hehe, no worries laa. After I finish my exam, I will surely find you to hang out. =)

-Hungry now- heading out to Cafe,even though it is raining now.

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♥ ALEXiS ♥ said...

At last you realize you had neglected me huh?!