Tuesday, October 20, 2009

-Old Pic- My Faculty Night

My Faculty Night at Kajang. The Venue was in a Hotel. I've forgotten the name but it was nice and pleasant there =). We(1st year) had fun, not sure about the seniors though but I guess they did enjoy. We had good food that night, Its' Japanese Buffet. Thank god,since we had paid RM70 per person for that night. That night Me and Denise performed a musical as well as sang a song entitled Quando,Quando,Quando by Micheal Buble. Choon Ming as the MC, misread our song title and she said Condom,Condom,Condom( laughing my butts off, this will cost her a meal). It was kinda lousy compare to other candidates performance but It was still ok since we did our best that night (hopefully la).

1. With One of My Senior, Katherine. She was very seducing that night.
2. My Partner, Denise. She didn't managed to get the best dress award even though I had surprisingly exposed her dress to Mr Phoon.
3. King of the Night, Mr. Loo Hao Han. He jumped into the pool, making other candidates out of the league except Lum Kok Kiong ( He also jumped into the pool).

4a. KIY member's.
4b. Me and The 2 Best Diver of the Night.


Gine said...

The three KIY budak-budak debat! Send my regards to them ya. And congrats to the fac king, haha =)


Jeremy said...

Lolz, Cher Linn ! woo hoo.
Ok i'll pass down your regards. =)