Sunday, October 26, 2008

Another Day Gone By

Today is Sunday. 26/10/2008
The weather condition is cloudy =(.
Woke up at 6am .
Switch on my computer .
Kinda piss off cuz my idiotic bro deleted my Anti-Virus Program.
No idea on how to revenge . Hmm

Anyway, later on at Sandakan Hotel will have a Education Roadshow . Looking forward to find something useful.

Tonight , Liau has planned a Birthday Party for Su Ching(Birthday). Not really anticipate about it, maybe due to the weather .

Preparation For Stpm : NG ( No Good), Barely touch my Book. Why am I so lazy ?


Yesterday went out with Siao Ching and Fiona ( Again ) for yumcha at QQ. We talked like no tomorrow . Maybe because we didn't see each other for a week , that's why got so many topic .

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