Sunday, November 30, 2008

24th-30th November

Another week had passed by !

Monday :
Study history like no tomorrow , went to Sheena House for a group study with her and Su ching. Gain a little bit of confidence in History paper.

Tuesday :
Went to WGK house to study Micro-economy . Talk a bit . Around 10am , Chin Ket How came by . Group study ! Lunch with mum at Little Nanyang . Praying to heaven so i could do well in my micro paper.

Wednesday :
A very stressful day. Morning : History Paper , Evening : Micro-economy Paper.
Luckily I managed to survive . History paper got 1 question just wrote crap . Economy luckily i could do most of the question. Study Geography at night.

Morning :
Today i'm having my Geography paper. Luckily kinda easy . Extremly relieved cuz i had finished 3 paper ad. Laughing my way out from school cuz my other friends got Maths Paper at Noon. =)

Afternoon :
Went to sport complex for swimming since the weather was good . Saw Ah Tzun there , teaching kids to swim. Crap a bit with him .

Friday :
Extremely free !~ Dota , Dota , Dota at night . Relaxing myself .

Saturday :
Dota from morning (8 am )to evening ( 5 pm ) with Bryan and Ah yiu . Can't stand it anymore so at night just rest.

Sunday :
Went out for lunch with Ah Ging cuz too bored . Afternoon later maybe go swimming .


Ah Tzun said...

Did i crap with u?
I was so busy teaching my students!
I'm pro one!

pangjasmine said...

ah tzun ?
wong kia tzun ?
i miss him ! hahahaha
it was a long long time since seeing him at the pool leh.

guess he'd forgotten me lor ~
super duper good in studies and swimming de.

Jeremy said...

i crap with u at the bathroom area.!