Thursday, December 25, 2008

KK trip ! 21st-24th of December

Last Sunday went to KK with my Tawau Buddies !
Shopped like no tomorrow . I estimate that I spent around RM900 .
Well, i think it is still less compare to my other friends . Lolz
Bought a lot of stuff from Polo Shirt's to Padini Belts . Even a new Nike sling Bag !
Shop at Warisan , One Borneo and Wisma Merdeka.
But i lost my FOS t-shirt at One Borneo. Damn it.

To Friend going to KK :
Calvin Klien Jeans at One Borneo and Guess at Center Point got 50% discount ! lol.

Countdown for my birthday at 23th . My friends gave a surprise . Shoot them .
Glad that being with them especially with Kenneth n Roger ( although most of the time he was with his gf).
Hope that i will meet them soon.
Melissa Ma and I
At One Borneo

It would cost me 10 Bucks to take picture near there. So, for free i took a picture from above =P

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