Saturday, October 4, 2008

Recent Activities~ ( For miss alexis info )

Last Night , I went for a dinner with Ah Ging and His Gang Mile 8 . We were actually looking forward for the porridge ~ However, too famous i supposed .... sold out ! ( We were there at 7.45 pm) So we asked for Corn and "Ham Choi' Soup Instead =)................
Wei Liang ( His Stomach Never Full)
Ging ( Always holding his camera , let it rest for a minute )
Lol... My Plate ( Some what ugly)
After ( No before lolx)
Hahah... At last we(ME, herman , sc , fiona and ah ging) went to the funfair .... Enjoyed our time there =) !!~~

Siao Ching behind the Ferris Wheel

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