Monday, September 15, 2008

Backstabbing again

Lol... tada !
Here we go again ....
Lately some of us(include me ) cant stand a girl in our class... which leads us to form the '4+1' team...
Well, each of us dislike her for a particular reasons.

In my point of view ,
I felt that she was fake , annoying , bluff a lot (padini is not a very very famous brand) and too lc.
I dislike her attidude in blaming others for her own failure. For example : She failed her maths exam( single digit mark), then she would just say : cuz i didnt took add maths b4, thats why i fail . But she had been saying this idiotic reason for the pass 10 months . I dont think someone who study hard in 10 months will still cant get 40 marks to pass his/her maths tests in school.

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