Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Well, as I've said previously in my post about SCDC. This Championship really didn't went well ! Sigh.

We didn't manage to break. Sigh.

Maybe I was the burden. No idea. [gimme a rope]

Flare ? Failed in proving our burden of proof ? Hmm. Am confuse.

Sigh, Sigh, Sigh.

Jeremy o Jeremy. Lets put up a better fight next time.

a.What did I learn ?

1. In becoming a 3rd speaker.
2. Ways of winning a round. i.e burden of proof.
3. Need to be more clear.
4. Try to characterize the situation before moving into my speech.
5. Fluency in English needs to be improved.
6. Write clearer in my preparation notes. Lols !

I wish with this fall , I'll rise and reach a higher standard in next tourney just like a pheonix lols.

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Gine said...

Dear, don't think you're the burden to your team ok. I'm sure you'd contributed all you could offer to your team during the tournament. Just take it as a lesson and work on your weaknesses to improve further. Add oil! =)