Tuesday, January 19, 2010



I miss Sabah so much ! Now , I finally realize why they call Sabah - The Rojak State.

I personally felt,the social integration here is very very low compare to Borneo.

No wonder, communicating in Malay with my [Chinese] hometown friends here, seems weird to everyone. No wonder, knowing the word ast*ga and some Islamic phrases - shocked many Muslims here. But,it's really sad. Especially, certain issues cause disharmony among the people.

Starting from now, I can't joke around with my friends (regardless of any race) saying the ast*ga word anymore.

Too bad. Well, if it's really pleases them. Then, so be it.

Hopefully, things will be better :)


Gine said...

Some say only East Malaysia can truly reflects the racial harmony claimed by Malaysian. I couldn't agree more on that. But if that's how the law is, just follow it. It will make you miss Sabah more, yet making one to miss home is a good thing :)

WaiYee @ eSter said...

the 1st day i came here , i have realized it ... but not everyone can be educated by our Sabah's culture .. can't help ..