Saturday, January 16, 2010

MyConstitution - Separation of Power

Yesterday, we went to Sunway College to experience the launch of Phase Two [Separation of Power] by MyConstitution campaign.

Before that,we were lost due to our awesome bus driver. He went into Summit Highway instead of heading to Bandar Sunway. zzzz (wasted for at least half an hour).

This Campaign objective is to educate the people about the Constitution. They invited 3 prominent individuals from 3 body's of the state - i.e Legislation , Judiciary and the Executive Body.

Frankly speaking, I really like Datuk Dr Wan Junaidi (Legislature) speech. He is very consistent in speaking out his mind. I think he is one of those leaders that we somehow can trust and depend on. He claims there is overlapping of powers between the 3 body. I say it's very true. Especially, from the Executive body. The Ministers in the Cabinet are the exact same people in the Parliament :(

Secondly, I think Datuk Kayveas speech was alright. Quite funny. He told us some jokes about Datuk VC George.
BUT his speech seems hitting around the bush. Hmm. He said the true body with most of the power in hand is the Civil Servant not the 3 main body. True or False ? I doubt.

Lastly, Dato' Kadir Sulaiman, our Ex-Federal Court Judge. The highest ranking judge in Malaysia.
One word to describe his speech - YAWNZ !
I really don't know what he was trying to convey. His speech took us into a roundabout and left us there, crying for help.
'Pakcik ni' kept on telling us about the history of the Constitution, bla bla bla. Omg.
To think that our Judiciary system is infested with judges that are so blur, no wonder our judiciary body lost it's awesome fangs :(


In the end of the day, I guess everyone wants to take care of their jobs too,especially Ministers and Judges ~ Hmm. There goes our Justice.

P/S : I met Thinman ! woo hoo. Manage to see him there :)

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