Saturday, January 2, 2010

New Year Outing at Midvalley :)

What did actually happen on New Year Eve ?

I skipped New Year Eve this year ! (I'm so sorry Bryan ! Am to lazy to travel because I know the KTM sure packed with humans and I'll be struggling for oxygen through out the whole trip to Kelana Jaya). I slept early that night, around 10pm. At 12am (midnight) the phone rang ! At that moment I was still in a half-asleep mode and I was cursing people ( for disturbing my sleep), lol when I received a call from Vivian then I realized it was New Year ! and the phone rang was due to friends that were actually sending me New Year Greetings :P lols [I'm so sorry]. My mum called too, but I'm just too sleepy, so I talked within 2 mins and I've already said goodbye . Sorry Mum hahaha.

What I did I do on 1st of January 2010 ?

I did some reading in morning till noon. Am too bored. Luckily, Vivian dated me out for some catchup (both of us haven't laugh for weeks. ps : no ordinary laugh but hysterical/crazy laugh moment) . We went to Midvalley. We ate like hell ! -Nandos, PHOP and Kim Gary. People thought we were pregnant due to our large bellys. Lols, and I bought a pair of pants ( look below). Then Vivian sent me back to UKM but on the way, we were lost. I blame Vivian for that because she went into a wrong turn. Astaga ... but thank god,at last we managed to drive into Seremban Highway lols ! Phew.

1. Vivian's Souvenir from Taiwan - Condom-Like Chocolate. Just can't resist to taste it.

2. Pancake's from PHOP

3. Trying/hunting for my pants.I bought the silver one. Am searching for a light brown pants but can't find one.


Gine said...

Hey, those shirts looked nice on you! Did you buy any of those instead? The dark colour pants also not bad bah

chiayoong said...

hoi babi...we oso ajak u out lar but no gratitute ungrateful....blargh~

Jeremy said...

haha cher - didnt bought any of those. ill wait for CNY !

John- i know bah :) thanks !! friend asked me to go out 1 week before new year eve -.- need to apologize !