Friday, January 22, 2010

Hmm - Sad Case No. 2

Sigh, it seems like I'm experiencing a series of unfortunate events.

1.I lost my glassess. Fine. I managed to get a new one. (Ouch ! My wallet hurts !)

2.Next week got Constitutional Law and Contract Law tests. Sigh x3 . I haven't prepare for Consti !

3. I can't join National Novice Championship !! Sigh x 1558790201 . I can't change my flight.The ticket to come back [kl] here because it's just too expensive. RM 500 + for one way,wei ! Totally a highway robbery.

4.Vivian's birthday present ! oh shit.

WAHHH!! This year seems not that awesomeeee anymore...


Gine said...

Jeremy! Oh no! No National Novice for you?! NoOooOooOo :( And faster show us your new specs! Bet it's not as cool as my frameless ;p

Jeremy said...

hahaha aiih ! i can't go for NN.. my worst day of my life.

yeah, my new spec kinda ok la... i was searching for a frameless spec like yours just that i can't find it. hmmm very special i guess ? lol

Gine said...

I didn't quite believe my housemate when she told me the frameless is a new design and it's found in her small optometrist shop lol. Now I really think it's quite a new design ;p *flip hair*