Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Law - Law - Law

Am sick.


Doing assignments.I dislike doing assignments that doesn't link with our current studies.

Acting is not going to improve our ability in applying law nor sharpens the essential skills for us to become an awesome lawyer (Unless one of us is going to become an actor with a role as a lawyer. Then I got nothing to say).

I believe, it is better to have assignment that helps in improving our legal skills rather than doing stuffs that suck out our life force, time, youth and energy.

Ask us to distinguish a case ! or write an essay ! (my friends, please dont stone me)

In other universities (mostly in western countries), law students are being taught with subjects like legal writing or something that helps in analyzing legal problems. I think these are really useful and helpful. Hmm.(envy them)

Maybe, the concern is about helping a student in getting an A in the exam. But, one must understand that, getting an A without proper knowledge in law is nothing. I believe if a employer ask us to distinguish a case or find the ratio in a case, and we said "I don't know apa kau cakap". We might ended up standing in front of a slammed door.

Am really hoping that, things will not be the same in my subsequent years in FUU.

*Hooray! to Optimism*

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