Monday, January 4, 2010

Random Things To Decide.

1.Asian Law Student Association (ALSA)

I need a lot of time, drive/passion and perseverance. Hmm. ALSA. Hmm.
I think I'll try to participate in ALSA as much as I can this time.
Well, I don't think I will lose anything in joining ALSA [don't wanna disappoint Haris too :( ] .
Am just gonna let myself to have a taste of ALSA this semester.

2.Debate ( Faculty)

I think I'll just join my faculty's debate competition - The Dean of Law Faculty Cup this week.
Even if, the competition is in Malay plus some minor problems, I think will still go for it.
Just try and gain some experience from it. (hopefully-lah)


Not good at all . I think I really need to focus ! I didn't do any reading on Contract nor Consti. Sigh. This is Bad. Cases Jeremy ! Hunt some cases and serve it on your table.

But, now FUU seems to have their own cafeteria. I guess now I can spend more time in the library :)

Less Fun More Study !

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