Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Ramadhan IV Debate at MMU

-Debatee Again-
Me, Farahin(middle) and Saiyba

Last weekend, I went for the Ramadhan IV debate at MMU. They set the debate style in British Parliament Stlye. The BP style was very new for me and my partner ( Farahin), I really must thank all the Seniors for teaching us the BP style on Friday night or else we are pure dead meat during the competition.

The competition was really an eye opening experience for me. In the competition,we(Juniors) were debating along with seniors from other Uni. I must say that almost all juniors didn't managed to break in to the quarters. IIUM 2 won the debate. I must say in this competition,I really enjoyed the way IIUM and UITM debaters in delivering their speech. Their command of english was absolutely in a higher level as well as the structure and rebuttals of the speech was very good.

I must say the way they debate was absolutely impressing. I do wish that someday I can become as fluent and as good as they were. (need more practise and reading)

Ps: I thank Farahin for supporting me during the debate.

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