Thursday, September 24, 2009

Sandakan Update

I'm back in Sandakan, my (lovely yet peaceful yet hot-like hell) hometown. In just 4 days, I went into 6+ eateries. Yumcha is the only thing that we do to waste our time in Sandakan =). I met a lot of friends ( very happy indeed) .

I haven't start studying any subject yet, shit !

BUT At least I've finished the motion that Ai Huey gave me as well as the my group assigments in Perucapan Awam. Lols.

I'm glad that I came back. Miss my room. Miss My Mum and Dad. Friends.

Nothing much have changed here but I noticed that :

a. The tree in front of my house was gone.
b. There is a new Japanese restaurant in town . "wagamama"
c. My mum is driving a company car.
d. There are lot of new STEAMBOAT restaurant ( Sandakan Latest Trend ).


♥ ALEXiS ♥ said...

the tree in front of your house has been removed? OMG!!! Poor tree!! Pity it to choose to grow in front of your house :D

Jeremy said...

u r the next one to go down

♥ ALEXiS ♥ said...

I'm on my way down to McD soon :)