Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Commitment PROBLEM!

I'm honestly pissed off by some of my group members. Since this semeser is coming towards the end, there are tons of GROUP assignments waiting to be done and pass up. HONESTLY, I'm kinda sick with NO-commitment members. They make you feel frustrated and just delaying anything that you wanted to do.ASK YOU TO LOOK FOR INFORMATION ONLY DONG ! IS THAT SO HARD TO DO ? FACEBOOK SAHAJA - CANT YOU FB AFTER HELPING OUT ? Everyone of us, have the same assigments to do, yet some students doesn't seems to care AT ALL. 30 marks dude, yet you people still don't give a damn about it. YOU might been spoon fed for the past 18 years by your teacher but HONESTLY, you can't really expect me to spoon fed you. MAYBE you are thinking that somebody will take care of it since they also a part of the group BUT you suck, try to ask people whether you need to anything or not laa ! TONS of excuses, they thought they are the only one who need to wake up early in the morning. HELLO!! WE NEED TO WAIT FOR YOU PEOPLE TO SHOW UP! Excuses really dont work here, SORRY TO SAY THIS BUT I HOPED THAT NEXT SEMESTER ONWARDS I WONT STUCK WITH PARASITES IN MY GROUP ASSIGNMENTS. HONESTLY, LAW STUDENTS ARE MEANT TO BE SPECIAL but NOT SPECIAL IN A NEGATIVE WAY. lazy assess

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esztergrace said...

marah nampak... ;) lolz...glad everything over d huh... ;)