Friday, September 4, 2009

Life in UKM !

UKM - Law Faculty

I'm so sorry to my blog ! My blog had been abandon by me for almost 2 months. I'm quite sure there are many critics from my friends eg.Oizien.

Now I'm finally enrolled into UKM ( University Kebangsaan Malaysia) and I'm a student in the Law Faculty. Quite proud (hehe), since our faculty only have around 100 students(which is kinda less compare to other faculties in UKM).

In 1st year, the 3 main subject is Contract Law, Constitutional Law and Malaysia Legal System. Thank god because I still can survive in 3 of those subjects.

Contract law : Tons of Cases to memorize ! No kidding man. From English Cases to Malaysian Cases we need to memorize. Aih.

Consti Law : Lesser cases compare to Contract Law but one full case can make me commit suicide. The facts of the case as well as the judges deliberation in Constitutional Cases is so damn long. At least 10 pages but one thing I realize was that peoples who were always involved in Constitutional cases are CHINESE ! Seems unfair to them huh ? No idea.

MLS: The lecturer can kill. So damn boring, tutorial classes was even worst. Acting, Singing just to present our tutorial answer. Astaga... In this class we were more to clowns compare to lawyers . Sigh.

Update till now , WILL be continue..... (now got debate practise =)

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