Saturday, September 19, 2009

Alone in a deserted university

Holly molly ! UKM is closed due to the holidays, all students went back to their hometown to celebrate Hari Raya or not. I'm going back too but not today. My college was the creepiest place on earth. Not a single human being, not even monkeys around here. I thought at least my neighbour college ZABA should have some shops functioning or people walking around but not a single entity at there too. Gosh, UKM was like the loneliest place in Malaysia right now. I'm kinda regret to not go back earlier, curse you AIRASIA !

Anyhow, I'm leaving tomorrow. Just hope that I can get a cab or bus to the KTM station. I just can't stand it anymore. No food , No food , No food and No food is making me crazy. Luckily i bought some bread,cookies and instant soup( campbell,i should have buy more back then) before the university was closed, if not i might just die and rot in my own room.I'm going back to Sandakan ! Although I think I still need to study hmmm and talking(writting) about study i thought about my contract books... That William took my Alsagoff and Sakina Contract Books. How am I going to study for my PBL ?! Darn it. Now I need to carry that thick Visu book back to Sandakan.. Sigh.

Things I need to do back in Sandakan :
a. Need to at least memorize cases for each topic in Contract.
b. Read and understand more about Consti.
c. MLS - screw it, i'll study that later on.
d. Need to finish my MLS video, Booklet for HE and TM&UU.
e. Finish preparing my debate motion : THW extradite military deserters for Ai Huey.
f. Sing Karaoke
g. Go swimming
h. EAT A LOT !


Ah Tzun Zai said...

sing karoeke?
Can I join?

Jeremy said...
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Jeremy said...

can not !