Sunday, February 28, 2010


This whole week is totally allocated just for me ! I'm enjoying my very time alone with myself this week. I went for a centralize debate training at KTSN this Friday( I did horribly !).

I also volunteered myself to become the timekeeper for Jeesup National Mooting Competition. It was an eye-opening event. For the first time, I witness the real standard of a genuine mooting process. It was totally different from our PBL Moot assignment (which I thereafter thought that we were mere child's play during out PBL if compare to the Mooters in Jessup).

In the weekend, I just laid back and read Harry Potter in my room. Luckily, I managed to finish it because if I don't, my brain my just keep on bugging me to touch that book during my weekdays (it's bad because next week I got a lot of assignments and tasks to do !).

In this week, I managed to finish Order of Phoenix and Half-Blood Prince. Too bad, next week I won't have the time to go out and grab the next Harry Potter book: Death Hallows, since I will be camping in Seremban ! Curse my Ko-K lecturer for setting the camping date on 5th-7th of March and blissfully reminded us that the camp bears 60 mark.

(Dumbledore is dead!) ):

(Sirius is dead!) D:

I got Malaysia Debate Open and National Law Conference from ALSA on the exact date. Sigh, am going to miss out a lot of fun !

That's all for the time being.


Gine said...

Wow, read so fast! I actually have deathly hallows with me. You mau pinjam? And you still have a book with me.

Jeremy said...

hahah lols i would love to have that !.. btw... how was the book that i lend it to you ? nice?

Jeremy said...
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pinyin said...

i always love reading harry potter book and i have the collections!! haha...

Jeremy said...

then lend me the last harry potter book ! ps : don't tell me you left it in penang