Monday, February 8, 2010


Sorry for the late update. Am kinda busy lately with tests and debates. I bet Bryan wanted to kill me now cuz I stuck in UKM for so long and I didn't find him at Kelana Jaya. Don't be mad :(
I mean no harm.

Ok ! Where should I begin ? Hmm.

First, I must congratulate myself for able to finish all 4 mid-sem test . Phew ! Even though, it was hard. but I think I wont get 1/15 lols.

Secondly, I went to MOHEC last Saturday with Irsyad,Alex, Cher Linn and Saibah. We didn't manage to break . Sigh. But at least we got 1 win and 1 lose.The motions were tough. All International motions !! Hence, all of us have to squeeze our brain again just to come out with a proper stance to start with :( pity us.

Aih, what else ? Er, this Sunday, am going back to Sandakan ! Miss home [ I can bring my dirty clothes back for my mum to wash hehehe]

P/S :Chinese New Year is around the corner, hopefully I can win a lot this year lols . (gambling :D)


Gine said...

:) Finally someone spells my name correctly. But you spelled Sai Sai's name wrongly! It's Nusaiybah :)

Happy Chinese New Year in advance!

Jeremy said...

haha lols, sorry laa