Saturday, February 13, 2010

Derelict in KLIA

My Mood in KLIA

Am so bored/pissed in KLIA right now. Zzz

Why ? Cuz I got nothing to do here and I dropped my book (Blackburn's Shortbook on Ethic) ! Damn it. I really hate myself for being so careless. If my dad is with me right now, I'm very sure he will give me a mind blowing lesson and label me "fruitcake" and Stupidly, I've placed my Lipstick Jungle [BTW,it's cheap ! I bought it for RM8 in a secondhand book store :)] in my other luggage bag. Zzz x 10

Anyhow, I was so pissed with myself, till I rushed into the bookstore and grab a Harry Potter Novel: The Goblet of Fire.

Actually, I was unsure whether which HP book to start with, since I had already saw the movie, I don't really have the drive to read the novel. Hence, today I made a bold decision : skip the first 3 Harry Potter book and jump right into The Goblet of Fire.

I have read the 1st chapter and am enjoying it :)

Hopefully,tomorrow morning will come swiftly because I just can't wait to gamble !! opss Haha,I meant reuniting with my family :P

Me with the Book.

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