Wednesday, February 10, 2010

CNY Reunion Dinner for 1st Year Students in Law Faculty

This Monday, under the leadership of our 1st year King; Loo Hao Han, we all went to Sungai Chua to have our pre-CNY Reunion Dinner ! As well as to celebrate Manfred, Xing Ghee and Johns birthday. We had fun, despite Kee Way was late.

We were very loud on that night ( till an old man actually came over to our table and asked us to tone down a notch) *Haha* but they can't blame us though, since law students are meant to be loud and orally expressive.

I enjoyed the dinner a lot due to the fact that I will skip my reunion dinner with my family this year (doing the "Lou Sang" was somewhat nostalgic for me). Aside from that, we took a lot of photos on that night (we were very vain indeed) and I enjoyed the foods too; reasonably acceptable.

Why I can't go back earlier?
Ask Air Asia and MAS ! The price for a return ticket from KL to Sandakan (vice versa) is so expensive during the festive season. So I was forced to go back on the very 1st day of CNY. Sigh, totally a highway robbery.

Pictures/Photos (whatever you want to name it) :

The Restaurant

The late ass : Manfred

Family Photo

Qiao Huey helped us to do the Lou Sang thingy

During the 'Lou Sang' (the uncivilized side of us)

Family Photo 2

The Birthday Brats

Random Pic

Family Photo 3

With Hao Han :D

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