Sunday, March 7, 2010

Phew.. another busy week has gone !

Thank god ( i mean it) ! I finally managed to finish my KO-K camping trip at SMV Ampangan, Seremban. Barely had any sleep due to some talkative roommates (4 guys babbling till 4am) but at least my team got the best team :) I'll update more about it on my next post.

Aside from that, something really pisses me off --- > ALSA Conference ! Damn it. Before leaving for the camp, I have told everyone that I can't make it for the National conference so many times. Yet, on Friday (during the conference) they kept on asking about my whereabouts and ya-da-ya-da - I am irresponsible. A friend even messaged me telling me about the situation was very chaotic and hinting my absences was as if the reason that anything went wrong on that day was my fault. What The Fish ! Are they really that desperate ? Was it because on that day, they can't find anyone to blame, so I have to become the scapegoat of the team ?

I told them previously that me, Chandra and Teeba can't make it for the conference because we got KO-K Simulasi but some idiots seems to be deaf or just too ignorant to listen.

Caretakers ? My duty was to find caretakers not to guide them, not to tell them what to do (I also barely know about it). Please la people, what can you expect from most of the 1st years student ? They can't even attend lectures and tutorials and yet you people expect them to voluntarily appear on that day and help out ? Zzz.

I miss UKM debaters ! They are way more fun ! Any debate training next week ? *snoozing*


Mizzesztergrace said...

wow!! releasing anger here...

Jeremy said...

haha of course !