Saturday, December 26, 2009

Sooooo Confusing !

I swear to god, illegality is so complex ! I've been reading 3 books on this chapter but it seems the more I read the more problems that I get [contradiction between cases and statues].

Although reading English Law Textbook opens up my mind to a deeper interpretation of illegality[public policy] but then, there are some illustrations that actually contradicts with the Contract Act . Shit. and I'm not sure whether certain points in Treitel could be applied in Malaysia >:( .

Sigh, maybe I should do a " even if " case (lols) or just point out the parts with ambiguity. I think it's time for me to knock the lecturers door. Hmm.

P/s : It's a bit clearer now. Read Visu Sinnadurais Book !

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