Friday, December 11, 2009

Flying Back Home [Clouds,Rivers and Mountains]

Yesterday was a great day. Why? The sky was clear and the sun shone brightly above atmosphere. Unlike my previous trip back home [thick and foggy clouds through the whole flight], today was way nicer and better ! I managed to capture some pictures through out the flight even though my camera's battery beeping the whole time,yet it still managed to last till I arrived at Sandakan Airport :) [Salute Panasonice Battery]

To those who never been to Sabah, Enjoy !

1. Early Morning at LCCT airport. I guess it was around 7am.
2.I guess below was somewhere around Johore :D
3. How great it is if I have a pair of wings.

4. Above the sea.
5. Er... Opss
6. This is Kota Kinabalu ! The capital city of Sabah. I bet Alexis hiding somewhere around there.
7. I guess we are approximately 20000+ feet above sea level.
8. Mount Kinabalau ! Higher then some clouds :D It's usually very hard to see Mount Kinabalu due to the clouds blocking the view but ladyluck was smiling to AK5160 yesterday lols.

9. Mushroom like Clouds. Gonna raining soon.

10. The Kinabatangan River ! Largest and Longest river in Sabah.

11. Arrived at Sandakan Airport on a Sunny Day.

Another great day :). I just love a nice clear blue sky. Really lighten up my mood. I felt very much refreshed but I still slept like a log back at home. Hehe


Gine said...

CLOUDS and blue sky! lovely :) and oh, the pic of urself, too. haha ;p

Jeremy said...

hehe i knew you have an interest in clouds too :)!