Saturday, December 26, 2009

-2009 Is Coming To An End ! -

Wow, without much notice, another year has gone [this sentence remind me of MJs song - You are not alone].

This year is really a happening year for me. Many events occurs. What kind of events ?

1. I get 3.75 in my STPM. Bam! I recalled at the moment I was with my Dad in KFC (I was so happy that literally, I bought another set of meal for my teacher) Lols.

2. Then, I was accepted in UKMs Law Faculty. Gosh. (My ambition in becoming a law students finally materialize !)

3. After that, I participated in UKMs VC Cup - English Debate Competition. Fall in love with debate and the debaters too [they are just too friendly !, I felt the warmth and fun from them].

4. Thus, I'm stuck in UKM debaters group. I went for MMU Ramadan IV with Farahin. It was a good experience. I learned that it takes a lot of reading to make ones arguement stands and not just babble nonsense through out the 7 minutes.

5. Being in the Law faculty, really enlightens me with a lot of stuffs. I.E self-learning and to be able to think critically (and I sharpen that through debate; EVEN IF ! MORE IMPORTANTLY ! etc.)

6. I went for the UPM- Great Serdang Debate Championship in November. It was fun but before that tournament, I actually doubted myself in terms of improvement. Since,I've been practising for the pass 2-3 months (during training camp, somehow panic strikes me and I've to start from the basic again !) but thank god, We (Steven and Me, thanks dude! for the support) managed to break into Quarters ! At least, I've progressed and moved on from stage one :)

7. The result came out and I get 3.31 for the first semester. I'm pleased but then, I'm disappointed with my Constitutional and Contract Law paper. (I thought I can do a lot better)

These are among the things that I've done this year and I'm glad that all of these happened.
Hopefully, in 2010, I will learn a lot more and evolve into a better debater as well a better law student compare to this year !


Gine said...

Yes, see you during next training! Have a good sem ahead and 2010! :)

RaChEL_X!nHu! said...

haha.. good luck ^^ i oso hope 2010 will be a better year

Jeremy said...

thanks ! all the best to everyone of us in 2010 :)