Monday, December 21, 2009

2nd Semester - 1 Class

Mood : Neutral/ Slightly sad

Today,went for my very 1st lesson in this semester. Usual stuffs, Puan Roshida questioned us about our exam result's, asked us what's the reason behind our lousy CGPA [none of the us answer that question] and then we continued with MLS studies.

Now: Still doubting whether I should've take Kemahiran Berfikir for this semester or not.

Studying about Subordinate Courts for this 2 week. Sigh. Tons of act's to memorize. Sigh x 3.

Tomorrow, 9-11am is Contract Class. Hmm, I'm eagerly waiting for Prof Sakina's wordy explanation on our result.

Ps: Tomorrow afternoon, going to Midvalley to meet Vivian. [such a pushover]

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