Sunday, December 6, 2009

Great Serdang Debate [4th-7th of Dec]

-A deeper analysis in Great Serdang Debate-

In this tournaments, we finally have a chance to see and meet other debaters from other institution. Here [GSD] we have High School Debaters [14-16 years old] , University Debaters as well as Foreign Debaters [Indonesia and Singapore]. About today's result,we managed to break into Quarter Finals but the advance was halted there :(

Today's Motion were:

5. THBT EU should remove all law against Holocaust denial.

6(Quarters). THW allow religious site can be a target for military advances during the time of war.

7(Semi).THBT that Israel should be charged under war crime.

However, I must say I learned a lot of stuffs through out this tournament. Honestly, Me and Steven were stunned when we actually ranked 1st on the 5th preliminary round. It was fun because we actually did a definition challenge[ask a debater] to the case brought up by the Prime Minister and somehow our definition were being accepted through out the floor. [ Yes !]

But too bad, we lost in the Quarters. I believe if I managed to explain more and further substantiate my points I think we can win that round and break into Semi- Finals. Sigh Sigh


1. Reading Matters
2. The Holy Bible for Debating
3. Me and My Partner [Steven] in GSD
4. Junior Debaterss ~
5. Adjudicators from UKM - Yen, Irsyad and Yitzhe
6. The awesome UKM team !
7. Moving towards the Hall
8. Team's match up :D
9. This was the first round we have
10. My Repetitive Speech
11. Listening our result from the Chair [ Sailou from IIU]
12. The debaterssss
13. GSD !
14.Doing a Counter proposal lol !
15. Giving POI or asking clarification ? I forgot
16. Team Dynamic lol
17. A pic with Indonesian Debaters. They are awesome debaters !
18. Thats all :)

I, honestly thank all seniors in supporting us and also training us during the debate training back in KTSN and UKM, Bangi . I really appreciate and thank Cher Linn, Salwa and Jerry in choosing me to go to GSD as debater. I love you guys ! More importantly, the knowledge and experience that I get here [UPM] will surely improve my speech and confidence as a speaker. :D !

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