Saturday, December 5, 2009

Debating in Great Serdang Debate (GSD)

Today, We ( Me and Steven) finally managed to finish 4 rounds of motion. Our team score is 7. Debating in BP [british parliament style] is very tricky and involves many tactics and new analysis.I think we totally need to win tomorrow's last round so that we can actually break into the quarter finals. I think I can do a lot better in today's debate. Sigh x 100.

I hope I can give my best in tomorrow's debate round. [no sucky motion please].

Oh yeah. Today's Motion is :

1. TH would ban vernacular school. We get 3rd among 4 teams.

2. TH will allow doctor's to charge higher fees for patients with unhealthy lifestyle. We get 1st.

3. TH believe that all countries should have nuclear weapon. : We get 1st.

4. TH would ban Hijab because its a form of women oppression. We get 4th . [This round is so shitty because we dont know what Hijab was and we totally set the worst place setting ever. Sigh]


Gine said...

HAHHAAH Jeremy! Thanks for updating us about GSD with your blog post :) All the best for Sunday! We're very proud of how you guys're doing so far. Keep it up!

Jeremy said...

thanks cher !! really thank you for giving us the chance :D