Tuesday, April 19, 2011

China: Student Mobility Program

It was decided by our respected Prof. Anisah that my upcoming mobility program, I will not be going to CUPL, Beijing. Instead I will be heading to:

Hunan University, Hunan

Although, I really wanted to visit CUPL but since our group is facing certain difficulties, thus, it's better to opt for a more appropriate option. Nevertheless, Hunan is too (Guilin 1st) famous for their landscape and scenery. I hope it will be breathtaking.

On the other note, I am done with two of my final papers (Criminal Law and Tort Law). The remaining papers will be Muamalat (Islamic Finance Law) and Intellectual Property Law. Pray for my best. I think I'm in trouble (considering the fact that I am still blogging right now). :'(

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