Thursday, April 28, 2011

Of Friendship

Having a friend is crucial for every individual. Even an animal needs to have a companion. However, friendship does not function like an employer-employee relationship. Friends do not have to sign a contract of service neither a contract for service between one another.

In my humble opinion, I believe there are boundaries between two individuals even if they are good friends.

Being a friend of another does not bind me to undertake any responsibilities and undertaking which I do not wish to partake. Albeit we are friends, there are times that we should give and take. Mere taking alone will result dissatisfaction and annoyance.

Just because one have tasks needed to be dealt with, it does not mean others must lend their hands, mind and feet. YOU need to understand that your friends might also have works or activities to be done.

Another notion to be considered is about asking for a request. Everyone has to realize the fact that when one proposes a request to a friend, it is not binding. So, if they refuse to help, respect their decision because they reserved the privilege to do so. Perhaps your siblings can endure your facial expression and slander, but most humans cannot.

Moreover, please acknowledge their effort with a sincere expression of gratitude when your friends are willing to help out.

There are also friends who like to take things for granted. This species tends to expect others to assist them. And the ridiculous part is when you have declined their behests, they will claim that you are not a friend or you are unlike his or her best buddy in Pluto. I positively recommend them to see a psychiatrist.

However, worst of all are the ones that expect friends to pay for them. They are like scoundrels because they tend to "forget" that they owe you money even though they are the ones that asked you to pay for them initially. Only god knows how such mindset can exist. Needless to say, when your friend paid for you when you are "unable" to pay, is it not the least you can do is to remember the favor ? Bloodsuckers.

All in all, for me, the definition for friendship is about two individuals having respect, understanding and appreciation between each other. So appreciate and respect your friends when they deserve it.

P/S: If you are miffed with this post, maybe you are the type that : (i) always expect your friends to oblige with your request; or (ii) always count on your friends to pay your bills; or (iii) you have a guilty conscience right now.

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