Saturday, April 4, 2009

Online Shopping

I think online shopping is another great way to buy stuffs . After all, we pay cheaper price for a same item that we want to buy from a retail shop .

This is the Way of a Smart Consumer ! (cilaka oi,this doensn't mean cheap)

Although some of us might think shopping online is unsafe because of frauds and scams in the net.

Personally, I recommend Ebay! lolz
The reason is that we can check the seller detail in Ebay !

As we can see above , we definitely can shop with this seller.

Why ? because this seller had more than 7000 buyer buying from him ! This seller is really committed in making a online business . So it's safe to shop with him.However , there are some sellers in Ebay with 0 feedback's . It's quite dangerous since no one have been doing transaction with them . It depends on us whether to trust them.

Other sites to shop:

Great place to shop but there are a lots of "AAA" products especially in branded items.

Be careful =).

Many things to buy ! However we can't check the sellers details like in Ebay.
Mudah to scam or mudah to buy ? Hmm!

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