Thursday, April 23, 2009

21.4.09 - Unit Amanah Saham ( ASM and ASW 2020)

Yesterday,accompanied Fiona to go to buy some shares in ASM . Luckily she managed to buy her shares quickly in RHB Bank rather than going to Maybank instead because there are loads of Asau there waiting to get their hands on the ASM.

I think many people will prefer buying Unit Trust from ASNB because most of their fund are capital protected fund with an average distribution rate of 6-8%. (Obviously higher then FD 2%).

Last year, ASM distribution rate is at 7.8 sen (7.8%) while this year is around 6.25%.

ASW 2020 will be opened around 27.4.2009. Their rates are quite similar with ASM (6-8%) but I still yearn for much higher rates .

Hmm, I need to study more. However, those who didn't managed to buy shares with ASNB there are also alternatives. Actually there are quite number of capital protected funds out there but their fees are quite high(trustee fee, entry fee, management fee. etc ) but depends on which fund we wan to choose and do choose wisely .

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