Tuesday, April 21, 2009

20/4/09 - D'Venice

Tonight went out for a drink with Fiona and Ah Ging . The purpose for tonight to hang out together is to shop my new laptop to Fiona . She kept complaining about my new laptop .


Since she have been planning to buy a Sony Vaio Laptop. That's why other brands are dead in her eyes (Maniac) .Even though there were 3 of us . However that Ah Ging , kept playing his laptop , so only I and Fiona fooling around using the web cam.

Act cute there....(Not ME)
Pic 2

Lol... She was scolding me .

After that , rain started to pour followed by a thunderstorm . I forgot to bring my glasses with me today. Luckily, I got great intuition (To Critics : don't criticize me here . I'm just kidding) so I managed to drive safely back home after sending Fiona back and Ah Ging go to Taman Mawar .

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