Thursday, May 7, 2009

A Birthday Streak !

A week of my 4 noisiest,craziest,prettiest and most annoying girl birthday.
Even though they are 'hao fan' but they are still my good friends. Wishing them to have a another great year ahead.

Fiona(26th of April).

No celebration at all ! Since she want to have a romatic birthday night with her hubby, so we let her pass.

Fook Yee ( 5th of May).

Didn't celebrate her birthday also since she went back to KK but managed gave her an angpau .

Oizien ( 10th of May).

Surprised Party for Her ! She puked. Red wine wasted.

Ah Chu ( 29th of May).

She celebrated her birthday earlier ( according chinese calendar wa ). Had loads of fun.

I finally able to get passed all their birthday . In consequence, I'm totally broke . Shitt!

Spend me eat ah !

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